Waterstopper, a reliable, easy-to-place and quick solution !

The Lexport Waterstopper fits all standard doorposts and comes in two size ranges.

The standard height of the Waterstopper is 41 centimetres. On request, other heights are also available (at an additional charge), the maximum height is 82 centimetres.

The Waterstopper comes in two standard widths, the first spanning widths of anything between 82 and 94 centimetres, and the second for widths of 92 to 104 centimetres.

Once set to fit the size of your doorposts, your Waterstopper can be used again and again. No tools needed. No effort at all!

The Lexport Waterstopper comes at €389 (excluding shipping costs).

The demo film shows you just how easy it is to use the Lexport Waterstopper. Have a look!